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Chicnones by TudungRuffle

April 26, 2018

A hybrid between a shawl and a bawal tudung? Was there such a thing? We couldn't believe it ourselves. Well apparently there is and these come from the Malaysian brand TudungRuffle


The Chicnones by TudungRuffle look just like a normal rectangular shawl but had an extra bit which we didn't know what to do with to be quite honest. But with the help of our friends at Ritzydee, we learnt that the extra side was to create the awning of a bawal shawl. How creative!


Frankly we're not big fans of the bawal shawl but we have to admit that it does create that round awning that frames the face whilst having the styling versatility of a rectangular shawl. Plus the material is silky soft and the colours are absolutely gorgeous; so definitely worth a try if you're into the bawal look. 


Here we have 3 colours: Lily (left), Beige (top), and Khaki (bottom right)


We got ours from www.ritzydee.com and you can also find tutorials here.




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