Healthy Halal Food? We speak to Alex Bauduin of YOLO.

I don't know about you but I can't seem to get away from the "warnings" on diabetes. From TV ads, to even the Tanglin TV show taking a jab at it. All this stemming from the PM's National Day Rally speech on how we should combat diabetes. With easy access to food, we Singaporeans are spoiled for choice. Trust me, I've lived overseas where shops shut early and if you don't cook, you'll probably starve. But what about healthy food? And I mean really healthy options - like quinoa or couscous? Yea, we have the local chicken rice stall offering less oil and less salt but what if you want more than just that?

Welcome YOLO! This new kid on the health block serves up delicious (and we mean delicious!) healthy options like Salmon Quinoa Cakes and Vege Curry with brown rice. What's more intriguing is that....wait for's HALAL CERTIFIED! Ya....Healthy Halal Food!

We had the privilege of speaking to the man behind YOLO, Alexis Bauduin, and learnt the very interesting reason behind his decision to make YOLO Halal certified!

(Gotta thank that Malay Uber driver and those Malay personal trainers he mentioned. Watch the video below and you'll know what we're talking about. haha.)

About YOLO

YOLO is a halal and dynamic fast casual takeaway outlet that reimagines food and local dishes close to our heart, with healthy ingredients and wholesome nutrition. Eating healthy is made fun again for everyone with ridiculously tasty and power-packed hearty, warm meals. #EATYOURGOALS and choose from the list of signatures dishes across the categories: Shape Up. Energise, Glow, and Build, BYO (Build Your Own), or jump on board YOLO’s newly-launched customised daily meal plans.

Founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of “good food that’s good for you”, YOLO’s nutritionally balanced power-meals are developed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Dietician and IOC qualified Sports Nutritionist Jane Freeman.The company also works with gyms and wellness partners to provide customers with personalised meal plans for their dietary needs.



12 Gopeng Street

Singapore 078877

Tel: +65 6221 3029

Opening hours: 11am - 9pm (Monday to Saturday)



Instagram: @yolofoodsg


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