Celebrate Your Super-Mom at Blue Jasmine

Celebrate Your Super-Mom at Blue Jasmine

Every child knows that a mother’s love is incomparable; she is everything – caretaker, doctor and nurse, PC technician, electrician, teacher, financial planner, and chef. Basically, she’s a superhero who deserves a surprise at Blue Jasmine this Mother’s Day.

On 12 May 2019, take in the fresh air and have an idyllic lunch or dinner buffet amidst the lush greenery of Park Hotel Farrer Park’s courtyard on level 5. Sit by the rooftop pool to take in the fantastic view of Singapore’s skyline; catch the golden hour and witness the beautiful sunset. Blue Jasmine’s Mother’s Day buffet is an indulgent spread. With creations ranging from appetizers to desserts and a live station, the array of dishes will leave you spoilt for choice.

Prime your palate with a variety of cool and refreshing salads. With choices such as the sweet and sour Minced Chicken Salad with banana flower buds and a boiled egg or the savoury Thai Papaya Salad with salted egg, one’s appetite will definitely be whetted.

Blue Jasmine - Steamed Fish with Lime Juice and Basil Leaf

Steamed Fish with Lime Juice and Basil Leaf

If cold salads are not favoured, go for the hot appetizers. Simple bites with profound flavours such as the Thai Fish Cake, Lemongrass Prawns and Tom Yum Taro Chips will leave you continually snacking between courses and the spicy clear Poh Tek Soup with assorted mushrooms will warm you up from the inside out. These will whet your appetite with aromatic, spicy, sour, and sweet flavours of all sorts.

Sink your teeth into the numerous mouthwatering main courses including dishes such as Gai Tai Naam, cubes of juicy chicken thigh sautéed in a blend of spices including galangal, garlic, dry chilli, turmeric, onion, lemongrass paste, and white pepper; and Steamed Fish with Lime Juice and Basil Leaf, tender slices of seabass served with seafood sauce prepared painstakingly from scratch with garlic, bird’s eye chillies, shallots, coriander root, palm sugar, lime juice and fish sauce.

Blue Jasmine - Stir-fried Prawns with Red Curry and Long Beans

Stir-fried Prawns with Red Curry and Long Beans

Accompany the iconic steamed Blue Jasmine Rice with a refreshing bowl of Thai Stuffed Cucumber Soup which features cucumber rounds stuffed with minced chicken, black fungus, glass noodles and carrots; or Stir-fried Prawns with Red Curry and Long Beans, prawns simmered in red curry paste, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf, cherry tomatoes and fruits such as pineapple, lychee and grapes. If you are not feeling the grains, the Stir-fried Seafood Pad Thai will be a satisfying carb alternative.

Get your cameras ready at the live station as it serves up fresh Handmade Spring Rolls with assorted herbs and prawns and Authentic Thai Braised Chicken Noodle Soup made à la minute. Quench your thirst with Thai Tea or Lemon Grass Drink, popular beverages that can be found at almost every corner in Thailand.

Blue Jasmine - Thai Stuffed Cucumber Soup

Thai Stuffed Cucumber Soup

After all the spicy and robust flavours, comfort your belly with sweetness from the colourful dessert table. Fill up your tummy with Thai treats both classic and contemporary such as Glutinous Rice Balls served with a concoction of coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaf and ginger, Thai Tea Pudding with Lychee and the crowd favourite Mango and Durian Sticky Rice, or cool down with a bowl of Thai Chendol and Soft Serve Coconut Ice Cream.

The celebration is not complete without a surprise. To thank mothers for their effort and hard work, Blue Jasmine will gift a sweet treat to all mothers who dine in the restaurant on Mother’s Day. Since no language can perfectly express the beauty and heroism of a mother’s love, food is your next best alternative. Give your queen a treat at Blue Jasmine on Mother’s Day and celebrate her strength and love.

Blue Jasmine - Thai Tea Pudding with Lychee

Thai Tea Pudding with Lychee

Blue Jasmine Mother’s Day Lunch & Dinner Buffet

DATE: 12 May 2019 TIME: 12 - 2:30pm & 6:30pm - 10pm

PRICE: $52++ per adult & $26++ per child (6 – 12 years old)

Children aged 5 years old or younger dine with the compliments of Blue Jasmine.

Reservations may be made at:

hello@bluejasmine.sg | +65 6824 8851