Singapore Got dUCk-ed

I am a suburban girl, who grew up with wide-eyed fascination for big city lights, skyscraper buildings and bustling streets. Perhaps this fascination is what inspired me to travel the world, and hence as a child, I was always the most excited with the idea of travel. I remember my first trip to Singapore as a little girl - upon arrival, it was love at first sight, from the modern airport to the shops and sights, I was a squealing little ball of excitement everywhere I went. Oh I think my parents must’ve been cowering in embarrassment at my behaviour.

Fast forward almost 2 decades on and my love and comfort with this cosmopolitan city has only grown. You see, through my many visits to Singapore, I have discovered that Singapore is an enchanting union of old and new. The grandeur of its iconic, award-winning architecture through its heritage buildings so beautifully conserved through its heritage program, Singapore captured both my suburban and city girl spirit in a way only it can.

My home away from home as I have always referred to Singapore - is perhaps more true than ever today, as we open our first door across international waters. From our first event in Singapore back in March 2016 when we launched the Singapore Scarf overlooking the same skyline featured on the scarf to this day, celebrating our 4th anniversary with the opening of this milestone boutique in has been an exhilarating experience for the dUCk team and I.

Just a little shy of four adventurous years after we first started dUCk, I am so proud to be able to expand this lifestyle brand beyond our home of Malaysia. When Vivy Yusof and I started The dUCk Group, we knew that it was not just another brand. To those who have been recruited as dUCkies, dUCk has been seen as a symbol of empowerment, a sense of community and an outlet for self expression.

“It’s such a surreal experience; I’ve always wanted to open a store in Haji Lane and that dream has come true”, said Vivy Yusof, founder of The dUCk Group. “I have our dUCkies to thank for this day, as they have shown such tremendous support and have made this possible. This is a huge milestone for us and with Singapore being our second biggest market, a decision to open our first international store here was only natural”, she chirped.

In the 4 years since the launch of our first scarf, The dUCk Group has sold over a million scarves worldwide as well as over 30,000 of our iconic Kuala Lumpur scarf, which sold out within minutes of its first release online. The group now collectively has five distinct product categories, namely: a. Scarves - long, square and instant scarves, twillies and inners in Premium Basic, Prints and Limited Edition; b. Cosmetics - colour cosmetics and toiletries; c. Stationeries - notebooks, planners, writing accessories and more; d. Home + Living - hangers, towels, candles, and more; e. Accessories - fashion and leather bags.

dUCk’s first Singapore boutique, will be located at 71 Haji Lane, a quaint little street in the heart of Singapore that’s bursting with heritage. I fell in love with the space from the moment I saw it - my love for old and new. With the street constantly bustling with a mix of avid, curious shoppers and tourists alike, it makes the perfect home for The dUCk Store. Occupying just over 1,000 sqft of floor space across 2 storeys, the interior was transformed to reflect D’s attic, yet retain many elements and qualities of its original heritage. The group has built its stores with themes around D’s home and so far has included D’s living room, D’s bathroom and here in Singapore, D’s attic. Opening its doors to the public this 2nd of November 2018, the dUCk Store Singapore will mark the groups' fourth since opening its first door only just 2 years ago at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in 2016.

I have dreamt this moment many times, but my heart still pounds crazily at the reality of this moment. With a heart beaming with gratitude and honour, I’m so proud to say, Singapore, you got dUCked!




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