Enjoy a jolly good time all the way into 2019 with Blue Jasmine

Indulge in festive cheer at Park Hotel Farrer Park from 6 December 2018 onwards! Halal Thai restaurant Blue Jasmine, located on its lush courtyard on Level 5, sweetens the mood with jolly good feasts. Start the celebrations early with Blue Jasmine’s first-ever Crab Buffet from 6 – 8 December 2018. Then on 21 – 25 December, delight in an exclusive Christmas buffet menu specially curated by the culinary team of Blue Jasmine, taking your taste buds to Thailand with a little detour through Europe.

Continue the indulgence into 2019 with a four-day-only New Year’s Buffet beginning on 28 Dec and ending on 31 Dec. Diners on 31 Dec will be especially pleased to hear that if they wish to join in the New Year’s countdown party at the poolside bar opposite Blue Jasmine, they will be entitled to a special price.

A Crab-tivating Evening

Available for 3 days only from 6 to 8 December at $59++ per person, this buffet marks two different milestones for Blue Jasmine. Not only does this mark the first time ever that Blue Jasmine will be organising this Crab Buffet, it will also feature dishes that will be served for the first time ever at Blue Jasmine.

The Crab Buffet will feature longstanding favourites enhanced with a touch of “crab”, such as Green Papaya Salad with Flower Crab but what diners really shouldn’t miss, however, are the three anchor crab dishes specially created for this buffet by Thai Specialist Chef Nipaporn and Chef Tan Sin.

For a spicy yet nuanced curry, try the Thai Spicy Yellow Curry with Flower Crab & Capsicums featuring flower crabs; red, green and yellow capsicums for a mild sweet-spicy flavour; and chilli oil for a slightly more piquant kick. A blend of egg white and light cream creates the optical illusion of a rich and heavy sauce in the Braised Crab with Egg White Cream Sauce & Vermicelli but the flavours are light and faintly sweet, delicately complementing the crab meat itself. The Stir-Fried Creamy Citrus Crab is a must-have for those who enjoy contrast in their food: the sourness of lemon and the fruity bitterness of lime combined with a blend of evaporated and condensed milk offers an exciting contrast with the tender sweetness of crab.

Apropos of the spirit of Christmas, Blue Jasmine has priced this thoughtfully: at $59++ per person, it’s never too early to start your celebrations with a loved one, or two!

Christmas Spice and All Things Nice

Begin your yuletide feast in Blue Jasmine with Seafood On Ice. Be spoilt with a wide selection of fresh prawn squid and black mussels, perfect when paired with Blue Jasmine’s spicy and tangy green seafood sauce.

Enjoy an Assorted Fruits Som Tam, a popular Thai salad featuring a mixture of fresh fruits like grapes, guava and pomelo. Spice up the evening with Tom Yum Mushroom [ Red ], a traditional Thai dish to gear up for a night full of feast.

Proceed to the popular Thai Fish Cakes - pockets of tender fish paste, or the Deep-Fried Sugarcane Prawns. Crowd favourite, Deep-Fried Pandan Chicken promises fragrance in every bite.

Those who love Christmas classics would be delighted to know that there will be a live station serving up piping hot Roast Turkey as well as Roast Beef, but marinated Esarn style for a twist on the traditional western-style meats, served with a house-made smoked chilli sauce, spiked with roasted and ground herbs and glutinous rice, as well as black pepper sauce respectively.

Complete the Thai cuisine experience with an iconic Southern Thai red curry, the Massaman Chicken with Sweet Potato and Peanut. Tender cubes of chicken sit amongst its sweet potato counterparts in a curry base seasoned with galangal, lemongrass, shrimp paste, fish sauce, palm sugar and a medley of spices. This dish will charm your taste buds with its dimensions of flavours. Revel in Blue Jasmine’s signature, the Holy Basil Krapao where fresh squid is stir fried with the perfect balance of spice, herb and tang.

End your evening on a sweet note with local favourites - assorted Nyonya Kuehs that will make you feel at home, or try Blue Jasmine’s Thai Chendol. Generously topped with jackfruit, fresh berries, and house-made red rubies, this will be a dish you’d want seconds of. The classic Christmas staple, Log Cake, will also be served at the dessert station.

Ring In The New Year

Continue the festive celebrations and feast your way into 2019 with the New Year’s Eve four- day-only exclusive buffet menu starting from 28 December. Satiate your appetite with the Spicy Grilled Beef Salad with Thai Herbs or Wing Bean Salad with Minced Chicken.

Snack on Neam Kai Tod, a popular street food delicacy of marinated chicken wings with Thai herbs or the highly addictive Tom Yum Taro Chips fried upon order and wash them down with the refreshing Lemongrass drink.

Treat yourselves to our live station featuring Blue Jasmine’s signature dish - Thai Beef Noodle Soup or join us at the carving stations of the Ribeye and Lamb Legs, both marinated in traditional Thai herbs, served with Hot Gravy.

The grand finale should be a large bowl of Stewed Banana in Coconut Milk, usually eaten in Thailand in celebration of new beginnings. Then make sure the new year continues to be sweet with assorted French pastries, or opt for a Thai classic, Mango and Durian Sticky Rice, with a burst of colour from the blue glutinous rice paired with the vibrant yellow-coloured fruits. Indulge in our Coconut Soft Serve and be spoilt for choice with the endless condiments of Jack Fruit, Red Ruby, Sago, Sea Coconut, Peanut and Chocolate to choose from.


The Blue Jasmine Christmas Buffet Dates: 21– 25 December 2018 Time: 6.30 – 10pm Price: $65++ per adult Children aged 6 to 12 years old will enjoy half the price at $32.50++, while children 5 years and below dines for free.

The Blue Jasmine New Year’s Eve Buffet Dates: 28– 31 December 2018 Time: 6.30 – 10pm Price: $65++ per adult Children aged 6 to 12 years old will enjoy half the price at $32.50++, while children 5 years and below dines for free.

Reservations for all events may be made at 6824 8851 or hello@bluejasmine.com.sg

About Blue Jasmine Blue Jasmine is a 100-seater halal Thai restaurant in Park Hotel Farrer Park that offers a experience unique in its approach. Taking the Thai perspective to heart, Blue Jasmine brings balance and harmony, respect and inclusivity into its food and service. Dining at Blue Jasmine is a gastronomic journey through Thailand, where diners can taste both classics and regional specialities, in a space that is contemporary, welcoming and lush.

10 Farrer Park Station Road, Level 5, Singapore 217564 Tel: +65 6824 8851 Email: hello@bluejasmine.com.sg Seating Capacity: 100 guests

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Opening hours Monday to Sunday Dining: 11.30 am - 10pm Buffet Dinner (Fri – Sat): 6.30pm – 10pm