The Modern Siren: Pazzion’s Most Empowering Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

A desolate warehouse sets the stage for PAZZION’s new Fall/Winter 2018 collection, THE MODERN SIREN. Inspired by the urban zen of Fall/Winter, the collection is a reinterpretation of the glamour and sophistication of yesteryears.

“We want the women donning a pair of PAZZION shoes or accessorising their outfits with a PAZZION bag from the collection to feel confident about themselves and at the same time, comfortable,” says Tom Ng, founder of PAZZION. “This collection embodies our admiration for strong women – edgy, stylish yet fun-loving all at once with the loud yet sophisticated prints we have selected in combination with some of the classic Fall/Winter fashion must-haves.”

PAZZION presents its Fall/Winter 2018 collection in five key categories Modern Siren, Heritage Revisited, Sculpted Modernity, Flair and Square, and Quintessential Boots to meet the needs of today’s contemporary women.


MODERN SIREN entails the play of bold colour blocks from striking red to deep black in the creation of statement-making flats to heel for the contemporary woman.

Heritage and modernity come together in the culmination of the HERITAGE REVISITED collection. Playful embellishments and colourful materials add a youthful twist to classic styles. Sneakers are redefined with extra-large flatforms, punctuated with colour and material contrasts to make a statement, while loafers and flats are given furry updates as cosy surfaces and tactile textures take center stage this season.


In HERITAGE REVISITED, traditional heritage prints of houndstooth and tartan checks make a comeback in autumnal colours, as does corduroy and vintage-inspired cuts. Plaid fabric adds timeless fall appeal with a touch of edgy modern attitude for that fashion statement vibes.


In FLAIR AND SQUARE, square toed design stage a comeback in the form of chic flats and foldable pumps for the wanderlust. The collection feels part nostalgic and forward thinking with material in lambskin and cowhide leather, reviving this once hot trend and making it back in vogue again.


For those who favour the pared-back sensibility of classic conventions, a subdued colour palette with an impeccable sculptural finish speaks of the quiet, underratedness of modern chic in the SCULPTED MODERNITY range.


The QUINTESSENTIAL BOOTS for Winter comes in different forms and vibes for everyday wear. From the sock boot’s flexible fit and leg-lengthening effect, to the structured military-style boots in chunky proportions, this season’s selection of boots is set to slay the cold. Pair the boots with statement bags that combine bold prints, design and colour blocks with functionality.


Born in 2002, PAZZION caters to the modern sophisticate who values both taste and craftsmanship. Each shoe, from sandal to heel, ballerina flat to bridal heel, is made from quality calf leather and lambskin, and is engineered to bring the best in style and comfort. PAZZION has stores in most major retail malls across Singapore, with its flagship outlet in Wisma Atria. Internationally, PAZZION’s presence can be found in Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and on PAZZION.COM.

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