Burgs Opens New Outlet in Chai Chee

There's burgers....and then there's BURGS! Ever since our first bite at their outlet at Golden Mile Food Centre a year ago, we cannot - repeat - CANNOT stop talking about them if the conversation turned to the topic of burgers. Bias? No....just an honest opinion.

Forget the processed burger patties and feast on handcrafted burgers at really (yes, reallyyyy) affordable prices. You can get your hands on a full set - that's a burger AND fries - from as low as $4.50. We're not going to run down on everything that is good about Burgs cos we've already done that here with the help of our friends from The Halal Food Blog. So click here to read what our friends had to say.

What we ARE going to tell you today is that Burgs has opened a new outlet in Chai Chee - Viva Business Park to be exact. If you're a frequent customer of Decathlon, then you probably know where it is. If you're not too sure - watch the video below to see how we headed there.

Anyways, the new outlet opened a few months ago and we had the ultimate pleasure of trying out the NEW MENU! Yes, new outlet means new menu. Well for these innovative guys anyway. Not ones to sit easy, the guys of Burgs are always coming up with new and interesting items for the customers. Just for Chai Chee customers, you get a whole new menu. To check out the full menu, click here.

What we had was amazing to say the least. The Mexican Pulled Beef Brisket Burger IS DA BOMB! The Mexican-style braised beef brisket is perfectly seasoned with a spicy punch. Oh so good...Gosh, just punching the keyboard is making my mouth water thinking about how it tasted. Ok, time to make my way down there again soon. At just $6 WITH fries, it's a steal.

Just look at the Mexican Pulled Beef Brisket! - $6 (Single) / $8.50 (Double)

The other star attraction we had was the Chicken Parmigiani Burger. The panko-crusted chicken thigh was fried to perfection. It wasn't dry at all and still had its natural juices intact. One bite and well....you'll need load of napkins. Not just for this burger but the Mexican Pulled Beef Brisket burger as well. They are beautifully messy...We don't mind the mess if the food tastes this good. LOL!

Chicken Parmigiani Burger - $5.90 (Single) / $7.90 (Double)

Whilst the burgers already came with a side of fries, we were greedy to order a side of Pizza fries! It's a cup of fries topped with beef pepperoni, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Our advice though is to eat this right away. We, as usual, had to do the obligatory 'photoshoot' so by the time we were ready to dig in, the cheese had hardened. Oh the sacrifices we make for good photos. LOL!

Pizza Fries - $4.5

As if that wasn't enough, we had their ice cream sandwiches! At this point, I think we had to be rolled out of there. But we couldn't leave until we tried their ice cream sandwiches. These are ONLY available at the Viva Business Park outlet so of course we had to give it a try. We had each of the flavours - Belgium Chocolate, Strawberry and Teh Tarik. The toasted burger buns gave it a certain crunch. Oh, if you want it toasted, kindly let them know k? Don't just order it like that. It doesn't come toasted by default. haha!

If you're a fan of the traditional roti ice cream then this will be something you're going to enjoy especially the Strawberry flavour cos it reminded me of my favourite roti ice cream with raspberry ripple. ahhhhh....my childhood. haha!

In our opinion, Burgs has done it again. Yes there are tons of new burger joints like these opening up at food centres or hawker centres but we gotta say that our heart belongs to Burgs. They have won us over with their amazing service (service with laughs) and their pulled beef. Ok time to head down there again. If you wanna head down as well, here's their address:

Burgs at Viva Business Park:

Centuries Food Court. 750 Chai Chee Road. #01-19. Singapore 469000.

And if you work or live around the area, you can even make a pre-order before you head down to collect. Contact them at 9114 6072.

Take note of their opening hours:

Monday - Sunday 11.30AM - 8.30PM (last order) Or until sold out

[Amendment: During Ramadan, their opening hours are from 12.30PM - 9PM]

Website: www.projectwarung.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ProjectWarung/

Instagram: instagram.com/projectwarung


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