Bata Presents the 2nd Edition of the Bata Fashion Weekend

Following the successful debut of the Bata Fashion Weekend held last year in Prague, Bata continues in its new fashion tradition with the 2nd edition of the Bata Fashion Weekend in Milan’s prestigious Palazzo Mezzanotte, held on 28 and 29 April 2018.

Themed “The Sound of Style”, Bata Fashion Weekend revolved around the combination of music, design and craftsmanship.

Themed around the concept of “The Sound of Style”, the Bata Fashion Weekend featured an engaging combination of music, design and craftsmanship. For two days, the Palazzo Mezzanotte was transformed into a centre of fashion and design, where guests from all over the world including members of Bata’s Executive Committee like Group CEO Alexis Nasard and CMO Thomas A. Bata, celebrities from over 20 countries, journalists from top media publications and bloggers, participated in several activities like fashion shows, shoe exhibitions, music performances and handcraft workshops.


Bata’s new face, Czech singer and musician Lenny Filipova

Built around the global campaign of “Me & Comfortable With It”, which promotes healthy self- confidence while fighting against prejudice, the weekend also officially unveiled Bata’s new face, Czech singer and musician Lenny Filipova. In cooperation with Bata, together conceptualized the song called “Enemy”, tackling the same topics Bata deals with in its communications; like supporting female empowerment and diversity.

Commenting on the collaboration with Bata, Lenny Filipova said, “I am honoured to be a part of this project. Bata is a company with unimaginable history – from a small Czech shoemaker to one of the greatest fashion brands in the world. Music has the power to reach out to all parts of the world and our main focus is to tell women everywhere how important it is to be yourselves. Living life on your own terms, taking risks, making mistakes, getting up and starting all over again. No dream is too big. You are your only enemy, the only one holding you back”.


The Bata Fashion Weekend also saw the unveiling of exclusive Bata collections like the global pre- launch of B-Flex – an extraordinary combination of technology, design and comfort, the hyper- comfortable heels of the Insolia line, Atletico sneakers infused with an elegant retro feel, and Bata Heritage limited-edition shoes amongst many other collections.

Fashion showcase of exclusive Bata collections


As part of Bata’s mission to support young talented designers and original designs, the Young Designers Challenge returned for a second time this year, organised in partnership with the high- end Italian shoe manufacturer Kalliste and the iconic Czech crystal maker Preciosa. 11 finalists from prestigious design institutions were showcased during the Bata Fashion Weekend, with two winning designs chosen for a limited capsule edition to be introduced in selected markets worldwide.

Commenting on the 2nd edition of Bata Fashion Weekend in Italy, Thomas Archer Bata, Chief Marketing Officer of Bata said, “This year, we decided to host our Bata Fashion Weekend in Italy, in Milan since it’s one of the most important fashion capitals in Europe, a city where trends actually emerge. We are really happy to introduce a second edition of Young Designers Challenge, which is an example of creativity, craftsmanship and talent. Of course, we are also happy to announce Lenny as a global ambassador, but the fact the she is Czech, which is also the origin country of Bata, takes the cooperation to the next level.” He added, “The Bata brand is still changing day to day, expressing an authentic, cheeky and sparkling tone of voice, thanks to young new collections, revolutionary technologies and cooperation with young artistes and designers from fashion universities or events like Bata Fashion Weekend.”

The two-day fashion weekend saw a number of notable guests among its attendees. Representing Singapore at the Bata Fashion Weekend, Andrea Chong said, "I'm very excited for the fresh new Bata that's to come, think "comfort meets simple effortless style"! From street style performances to runway shows, Bata Fashion Weekend has cemented Bata's commitment to revamping the brand into one that's modern, young yet classic!"

“Me & Comfortable With It” brand manifesto was officially launched globally last year, which aims to reinforce healthy self-confidence and fight against prejudice. The main focus is on woman as it is crucial to remind them that every woman can be beautiful and comfortable with herself in everyday life and every situation. Bata continuously supports women’s empowerment, as it is still one of the most important global topics.

Andrea Chong at the Bata Fashion Weekend

About Bata

Launched in 1894, Bata provides versatile quality footwear and accessories which are accessible for all. Having dressed your feet with elegance and class throughout the years, the family-owned business has been at the forefront of innovation in the design and production of new styles. The Czech brand currently has more than 5,200 stores globally in over 70 countries. In April 2017, Bata announced a modernized global brand direction with its new manifesto “Me & Comfortable With It”, which focuses on empowering people to be beautiful and comfortable, no matter who they are, and what their style is. With this new strategy, the company now caters to the needs of today’s consumers who are sophisticated and increasingly interested in the latest fashion trends.



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