Pucker Up!

Can you believe that it's almost Ramadan? Honestly it feels like as if we just turned the page into the new year. Oh how time flies...

And as we set our body clocks ready for the blessed month of Ramadan, we're sure that at the same time, you would be preparing for the upcoming Raya too. The fashion stage is already ablaze with this year's Raya looks - from Zalora to FashionValet, designers are busy rolling out the new looks.

So we figured, we'd give you some of our picks for Raya as well - but we're taking a different spin on this. In this post, we will be sharing with you some of our picks for lippies!

We had a pleasure of trying out a few from our friends at ritzydee.com - a multi-label local store that serves up some really good brands from across the pond. Here are our picks!

Shade Dough by Hanis Zalikha

We recently tried out these gorgeous Shade Dough Lip Bait matte lippies. Here we have 4 hot shades - Medium Rare, Cherry Sorbet, Salami, Yum Yam. Perfect to go with our baju Raya this year. These long lasting matte lippies will most likely last you through all the Raya makan of rendang and ketupat.

Two quick tips:

- If you tend to have drier lips, scrub your lips to remove all the flaky skin first. Use a lip balm/ lip primer then glide the matte lipstick on your lips.

- You can also double up these as a cheek stain. Apply 2–3 dots around the cheek area and blend them on the cheeks!


More lippies!!! Here we have Bibir by the one and only makeup artists to the stars, Syed Faizal Syed Noh. We've met him a few times and he is just amazing - like a magician with the wand - the makeup wand, that is.

Anyways, Syed Faizal has his own line of makeup which we had the pleasure of trying when he first launched it last year and we must say we just love BIBIR! Lippies like these that come in from Malaysia are quite hard to find in the local stores here in Singapore so lucky for us, we know some multi-brand stores who bring them in. ritzydee.com thankfully does!

Here we have - Trixie and Cupcake (right), Baby and Heart (left).

Again with matte lippies, Syed Faizal advises to start with a lip balm before applying.

To get your hands on these and more, head to ritzydee.com and stay glued to this space as we bring you more of our Ramadan and Raya picks!

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