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“Fresh and affordable flowers delivered free island-wide in Singapore” Price range: $29‒$139 Specialty: Handcrafted bouquets Delivery fee: Free for standard same-day delivery

A Better Florist - Fresh and affordable flowers delivered free island-wide in Singapore

I’ve been to a lot of cafés and restaurants, mostly to pass judgment on their food, but a big part of the meal experience (at least for me) is the overall ambience. A bright, spare interior with relatively noisy acoustics caters more to people on the go. Eat fast, leave fast. Meanwhile, dim lighting and tables adorned with flowers or similar foliage often invites diners to linger with the cosy atmosphere. Garden cafés are prime examples of the latter setup. Those are my favourites, when I can just sit back, relax, and fully appreciate my meal.

This post is dedicated to flowers, my preferred piece of mood-setting décor. Instead of reviewing all the florists and flower delivery in Singapore I’ve tried, I figured I’ll cut to the chase and save you precious time by introducing you to not only my fave but what I consider to be the best florist in Singapore; A Better Florist, of course.

At home I like to place fresh flowers on my dining table to make our meals more intimate and appetizing. Living rooms also benefit from flowers and succulents to help brighten up the space. My issue with a lot of online florists is that they often market fresh flowers simply as bouquets to be given as gifts, so people like me who actually like to get regular batches for display have to physically go out to the flower market to get my supply. Sure, bouquets from the usual flower delivery in Singapore would do. Just take the flowers out from the packaging or wrapping and transfer them to a vessel as you do and it’s done. Then again, packaging and the ribbons can add to the cost which is not necessary for my needs.

Fortunately, A Better Florist is the solution to my floral needs! Their Bunches collection are specifically sold for people like me looking from fresh flowers to spruce up a room. They’re fresh and in-season flowers picked out by their professional florists. They even offer floral subscriptions so they can just send regular batches of fresh blooms once you sign up. Very convenient!

A Better Florist - Fresh and affordable flowers delivered free island-wide in Singapore

What’s even more impressive about A Better Florist is that you don’t have to worry about undelivered orders or late deliveries. Their lightning-fast and reliable shipment of products has earned them the reputation of being the best flower delivery in Singapore. To get a sense of just how fast you can get their flowers, their express flowers service actually guarantees a 90-minute flower delivery to any Singapore location. This combination of quality products and impressive service definitely makes them the best florist in Singapore.

Even if you’re not a fan of bouquets, you can also get your flower fix in their other products. They’ve got wellness products like pampering hampers and fruit baskets. You can cheer up family members and friends with their “get well soon” bundles, sympathy flowers, and fruit basket delivery. You can even help celebrate important milestones with their grand opening flowers and baby baskets for expecting moms or for newborns.

A Better Florist - Fresh and affordable flowers delivered free island-wide in Singapore

For residents of Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, A Better Florist has recently started Hong Kong flower delivery and Dubai flower delivery. You need not worry about the quality of their products and services because they have definitely retained their standard of giving the best customer experience. Proof of this is their recognition as best flower delivery in Hong Kong, best florist in Hong Kong, and best florist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. So if you have loved ones living there, then you can easily send them some love through a beautiful flower arrangement from A Better Florist.

Verdict: ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

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