Lady N Jewelry - Homegrown Accessories Label Brings The Past Into The Modern Era


When I first donned the hijab back in November, my mom handed down some pins and brooches to me. It was a sweet gesture but honestly, I cringed upon looking at them. “Where did you get these from? The night market?” I asked. They were big and gaudy, and just didn’t go with my style. I just donned the hijab and wanted my ensemble to look classy, the last thing I wanted to do is to look like a decorated Christmas tree.

So I stuck to not wearing any brooches and had to settle for safety pins to keep the hijab in place.

Eid was creeping up and I needed some accessories to add to my plain hijab. But again, I didn’t want to look like a decorated Christmas tree. As I was on the gram one day, I stumbled upon these pretty simple marble brooches by Lady N Jewelry. Hmm...never heard of that name before. I saw that they were having pop-up store that weekend so I decided to check it out.

Lady N’s range included pins, brooches, rings, necklaces and they were all simple and classy. What struck me even more was that whilst the accessories are specifically designed for a hijabi – with its long necklaces that could peek under our hijab – non-hijabis can appreciate them as well.

Needless to say, I got a piece from Lady N for Eid. Sadly the marble collection was sold out (yes, that’s how quickly they’ve built a name for themselves), but I managed to get something from their exclusive line - it was a black swan with a pearl attached. So pretty and goes with all my hijabs. I could go on endlessly about Lady N (my new favourite accessories label) but I’ll let Shikin, the creative brains behind the brand, let you into her world.


How did Lady N Jewelry begin?

I was actually travelling through Cambodia when this idea came around. It was my third month into my career break from being an IT Project Manager.

I was wondering what would be next for me - should I continue travelling for a little more or use my remaining savings to start a little business? So I went on Instagram browsing through my feed trying to find ideas. I saw a number of online entrepreneurs offering affordable fashion pieces and beautiful shawls andI found that something is missing in the market for the new generation of hijabis, that is a brand that offers accessories that is simple, casual, chic and minimal. So that was how I created Lady N Jewelry! The industry is filled with market players. What do you think sets Lady N Jewelry apart from the rest? I love that the local market is thriving with online entrepreneurs because they are all so inspiring to me!

Lady N Jewelry is probably the only online brand that offers accessories such as pins and brooches with a modern twist. When we think of pins and brooches, we imagine large, old-fashion ones that our mothers would wear on their hijab. But you’re going a completely different direction. What made you venture down this road?

That’s right! Look at the hijabis out there, or just take myself for an example. I find myself sometimes throwing an outfit on and putting on my nice shawl, then realising that brooch or pin I used to secure my shawl is just too flashy or over the top and yes old-fashioned and just doesn’t match with my whole outfit you know!

Before Lady N, I would even find myself just using those small safety pins (Lady N offers this too by the way) to hold my shawl in place and then hide them just because I don’t want to wear anything too loud on myself.

Now if you look at our generation of modest women, most of the time you wouldn’t see a brooch on their shawls - they probably have the same sentiments as me! So I thought why not bring in functional accessories that suits the current generation’s style.


Then again, Lady N isn’t just about pins and brooches for hijabis, is it? You do capture a larger audience with your wide range of accessories and designs. What’s your inspiration behind your designs?

Yes, that is right. When Lady N released its first collection called the Classic Favourites which made up of only brooches and pins with a modern twist, I had customers urging me to bring in other accessories of similar modern designs. So I listened to them and widen the range that includes long necklaces especially for those wearing hijabs. Surprisingly they love the new designs!

I love to browse my Instagram feed; I think I am an IG-addict! I just love looking at beautiful accessories from all over and take that as an inspiration on how women like myself would pair

a Lady N on our outfits, be it to work or play.


Lady N is relatively new in the market. How has the response been?

As you know Lady N only started in February this year but Alhamdulillah the response has been really good! At our first physical pop-up stall last Ramadhan, I had customers specifically looking for our booth to check us out. Some personally had come up to me complimenting the designs and accessories that Lady N offers!

What are your future plans for Lady N Jewelry?

I am definitely looking to collaborate with more local entrepreneurs and to create a collection of Lady N accessories that suits both Lady N and the local brand’s styles - in fact, I am currently working on a collection with an established local label as we speak! Next, I would love to see Lady N hit it off with ladies from all over the world. Have you seen an Australian/British hijabi wearing a brooch or pin on their shawls? No? So that’s where I want to tap on next!




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