Mummies Day with ChicMamae

"Paradise lies under the feet of your mother... "

That is what Islam teaches us since young. Our mothers hold the highest appreciation in our eyes. For she gave us life. No amount of words can ever come close to thanking her for everything she has and will continue to do for us. And no matter how old we get, even when we’re married with our own family, our mothers are still there for us to lean on.

Last May, to celebrate Mother’s Day, ChicMamae threw a special intimate party just for mummies and their little ones. An afternoon packed with educational talks, a baby show and even a mummy and baby Zumba session.

The day started off with an informative session by Anya Meals sharing how to prepare homemade baby meals that aren’t just delicious but healthy for the little one. The live cooking session filled the room with an aroma that made our tummies rumble. If we got that hungry just smelling the food, we wondered how the little ones were doing. Lucky for them, they had a little taste of the mac and cheese that was prepared by Anya Meals and many went back for seconds. If you’re a new mom and you don’t seem to have time to prepare meals for the little one, you have to check out Anya Meals (@anyameals) on Instagram.

After tummies were filled, the little ones were ready to make their debut on the pretty little runway prepared by Wallfiesta and Vynella Events. As the little ones took the stage, we couldn’t help but squeal in delight. Each of them were so cute. The runway began with the littlest of them all and led up to the toddlers who didn’t need their mummies help to walk. Although they did need a little coxing as their attention got distracted by the pretty lights. It was not easy getting shots of the adorable smiles and poses but we tried.

After the little ones worked up a sweat on the runway, it was time for mummy to have a bit of an exercise. So on to Zumba!! Led by instructor Samihah of ZumBaby (@zumbabysg), mummies strapped their little ones on and totally worked it.

We felt such a sisterhood at the ChicMamae event with these amazing young moms and their little ones. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle life as a young busy mummy but when you know you have a strong support system of sisters such as the ones we met at ChicMamae, you know you’re going to be alright.

ChicMamae holds monthly events for mothers and parents, and even hold weekly yoga sessions for pregnant moms or moms and their babies.

If you’re a young mother or a mother-to-be preparing for the arrival of your latest addition to the family, do check out ChicMamae and their programs.


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